Are you looking to clean up that clutter in your kitchen?  Well, if you said yes and you want some great creative tips to organize and hide those bulky appliances, you found the right place. is dedicated to showing you the best under the counter products and ideas for your home.  For example, when I first started this site, it was to document my adventure in re-designing my kitchen to best utilize the space.  I wanted to hide as much as possible and stop pulling out the coffee maker and putting it on the counter.

From there, I then installed the under counter microwave drawer.  Have you seen one of these?  They are amazing, and you don’t even notice its placement.  We put in under counter lights to show the nice and spacious counter tops!

So please, enjoy the site.  We have many tips and appliances that you may find will look good in your home.  If you have any tips or questions, give us an email, contact us!