We live in a world now where size and space are no longer about being the biggest and most spacious, but just the opposite.  In fact it is actually the opposite, where we have downsized and actually gained more gadgets.  That is where the problem of space and clutter come into play.  Where do we put all the items we need for our lives?

Great news, there is hope! Under the counter!  You may not have been aware of all these wonderful ideas of clearing up the clutter and gaining a touch of elegant at the same time.  Enjoy the guide I put together for under counter ideas.

Under counter Fridge

Now this isn’t your typical dorm refrigerator.  These are very spacious refrigerators, yet fits under counter to free up more space where it may be needed.  Whats nice about this style is it fits nicely under counters.  Energy efficient, and only requires a 120 volt plugin.  A real nice extra cold fridge for the extra space you may want.  It fits a decent amount of canned soda or beer as well as food items you may need extra space for.  The Under counter fridge is must have if you need an extra amount of space to store your items right there in the kitchen.

Under Counter Microwave

A microwave is an essential appliance in every household.  They are big and bulky and the only real place to have them, are on top of the counter.  And boy do they take up a lot of room.  One of the most innovative ideas, is to have it under the counter using a drawer style system.  Available in two sizes, 24″ and 30″.  Aside from its location, this microwave does not skimp on the bells and whistles.  Easily opens withe the push/pull of a button and a aut0-touch control panel for easy use.  1000 watt microwave drawer with 1 1/15 cubic foot interior.  This microwave comes with a 1 year warranty when purchased on Amazon.

Under Counter Ice Machine

Having an extra ice maker in the house is always a plus.  Under counter ice machine can make up to 50lbs of clear ice cubes a day, depending on your needs.  Compact height, it fits under most counters and with front ventilation it is very practical for a under counter ice machine.  Removable bins that store 6 to 25lbs of ice.

Under Counter Wine Fridge

If you are wine enthusiast, especially white wine, you’re going to love the under counter wine cooler!  This sleek design is quiet and can hold 18 to 36 bottles of wine.  Easily removable shelves for a more flexible storage option.  Adjusting the temperature is quite easy, featuring a push button control and a LED thermostat.  The internal LED lighting is super neat looking, the blue lighting reflects off of the chrome giving the sense that there are 1000’s of these little blue LED lights everywhere.  Guaranteed to impress your friends when they come over.  Thermometric make it cool quietly and avoids giving off vibrations.  Read our top 10 guide

Under Counter Can Opener

A classic favorite and new under counter space saver is the under counter can opener.  You install this right underneath the counter of your choice.  It features some classic features and few new ones.  The knife sharpener and bottle opener are my favorite new features, and of course it still opens cans, and pretty effortlessly.  The design is sleek and will complement your wood cabinets nicely, with a glossy black finish, its a must have for your space saving kitchen.

Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting

With all the under counter space, we need to talk about adding some lights.  Xenon under cabinet lighting is the way to go.  Customizable from 10-inch, 14-inch, 22-inch and 32-inch of 60-watt hard wired frosted tempered glass.  This is the way to illuminate the counters, and without using up space.  For the price, they look absolutely great!  They are nice and bright, the color temperature is perfect too, a warm color no too yellow.  Overall, a great product for a great price.

Under Counter Water Filter

Water filters are a nice addition to your drinking water that’s for sure.  But the big ugly filters that attach to the faucet aren’t always the best options.  A popular choice is the Aquasana AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System.  You have the option of Brushed nickel, Chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze.  NSF certified to remove 97% of chlorine and 97%of chloramines.  A performance indicator let’s you know if its time to change the filter.  Easy installation and change of the filters.  Just install under the counter and out of site for better tasting water.

Under Counter Freezer

A compact upright freezer, with flush design this sleek unit has 3.0 cubic feet of storage.  That’s an extra amount of perfect storage if you’re running out of space.  It has a manual defrost, reversible stainless steel doors and 3 pull of baskets.  Adjust the temperature easily with the manual thermostat.  Store all those extra foods in an upright freezer, so it’s easy to find and you won’t get stuck digging.  It comes with a lock and key, you won’t regret buying an Under counter freezer.  Read our under counter freezer guide.

Under Counter Kegerator

Hands down, my personal favorite under counter appliance!  The undercounter kegerator has brought me and my friends lot’s of joy.  You see, I love beer and I love to brew beer and I tried fitting my kegs in the fridge, in the dorm fridge and in the freezer.  Nothing ever worked like this undercounter kegerator that I bought off of amazon.  Fit a keg in here or what I like to do is use 3 of the corny kegs (the slim old soda kegs), I added another tap, so I have two different kinds on tap right now.  Easy to setup and it comes with everything you need to get it up and running.  Beer not included!  Read our top 10 guide

Under Counter Beverage Center

This is the way to go, if you want to store multiple beverages.  With a 3.3 cubic foot capacity it can easily store up to 120 cans of what ever you like.  Temperature controlled thermostat  with a range of 43 to 57 degrees.  3 shelves a total of 4, and a nice interior light that illuminates when the door is opened.  Tempered glass door with a stainless steel outer trim and the rest is a solid black color. Easily store this under the counter, and all it requires is a simple plug-in.  Football season is upon us, best to stock up now!

Under Counter Wine Fridgeder

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